ATSGUK has partnered up with 4 Your Benefit Limited to provide a welfare rights service to hospital patients suffering from trauma.

4 Your Benefit Limited provides services which include:

  1. Full benefit check for each patient and their families
  2. Identification of unclaimed and underpaid benefits
  3. Assisting patients with completing claim forms
  4. Appealing negative or incorrect awards

Further information on Your Benefit Limited can be found at:


Please click on the link above for some general information about the types of state benefits that are available and that you may be entitled to subject to satisfying their entitlement criteria. If you require any more help please contact us and we will put you in touch with a benefits advisor and you can also contact your local Welfare Benefits Office to seek advice on your entitlement to state benefits following a traumatic injury preventing you from working.

 Click here to download our benefits booklet